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What is PPP?
PPP (Public-Private Partnership), also known as PPP mode, which means a cooperative arrangement between government and social capital, is a project operation mode in public infrastructure. Under this mode, private enterprises and private capital are encouraged to cooperate with the government to participate in the construction of public infrastructure.

What is the role of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) project feasibility study?
, - Major effect is the analysis surrounding project necessity:
1.Help enterprise to design project investment plan;
2.Analyze the necessity of investment and the matching of enterprise resource;
3.General assumptions about the framework of investment PPP (Public-Private Partnership);
4.Preliminary judgement on the necessity of PPP (Public-Private Partnership).

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Outline of PPP Project.
1 Overview
1.1PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Project Background
1.1.1Project Name
1.1.2Construction Unit Overview
1.1.3Preparation of Feasibility Study Report
1.1.4Project Construction Background
1.1.5Project Construction Necessity
1.1.6Project Construction Feasibility
1.2PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Project Overview
1.2.1Proposed Projects
1.2.2Construction Scale and Target
1.2.3Project Advantages
1.2.4Major Construction Conditions
1.2.5Total Project Investment and Benefit
1.2.6Major Technical and Economic Indicators
1.3 Major Problems
1.3.1Source of Funds
1.3.2Technical Equipment
1.3.3Power Supply and Water Supply
2Market Prediction
2.1Market Analysis
2.1.1International Market
2.1.2Domestic Market
2.2Major Competitive Enterprise Analysis
2.3Target Market Analysis
2.3.1Market Application
2.3.2Sales Market
2.3.3Application Promotion Prospects
2.3.4Price Status and Forecast
2.4Marketing Strategy
2.4.1Sales Team Construction
2.4.2Sales Network Construction
2.4.3Sales Strategy
3Construction Scale and Production Plan
3.1Construction Scale
3.2Product Plan
4Site Selection
4.1Status of Site Location
4.1.1Site and Location
4.1.2Land Ownership Category and Floor Space
4.1.3Land Utilization Status
4.2Site Construction Conditions
4.2.1Geographical Environment of Location
4.2.2Topography and Geomorphology
4.2.3Climate and Hydrology
4.2.4Transportation Conditions
4.2.5Public Facilities and Social Dependence Conditions
4.2.6Environmental Protection Conditions
4.2.7Legal Support Conditions
4.2.8Land Requisition, Demolition, and Resettlement Conditions
4.2.9Construction Conditions
5Technical Plan, Equipment Plan, and Project Plan
5.1Technical Plan
5.1.1Production Methods
5.1.2Process Flow
5.2Major Equipment Scheme
5.2.1Equipment Selection Principle
5.2.2Equipment Selection Table
5.3Project Plan
5.3.1Civil Engineering Design Plan
5.3.2Construction Characteristics, Structure, and Acreage Plan of Major Building and Structure
5.3.3Construction and Installation Quantity and Construction Cost
6Major Raw Materials and Fuel Supplies
6.1Major Raw Materials Supplies
6.2Fuel and Power Supplies
6.3Price of Major Raw Material, Fuel and Power
6.4Quantity Demand of Major Raw Material, Fuel and Power
7General Layout & Transportation and Public Assistant Projects
7.1General Layout
7.1.1Plane Layout
7.1.2Vertical Layout and Road Design
7.1.3Site Plan
7.1.4Major Index Table of General Plane Layout
7.2On-site and Off-site Transportation
7.2.1Off-site Traffic Volume and Mode of Transportation
7.2.2On-site Traffic Volume and Mode of Transportation
7.2.3Off-site Transport Facilities and Equipment
7.3Public Assistance Projects
7.3.1Water Supply Engineering
7.3.2Power Supply Engineering
7.3.3Communication System Design
7.3.4Ventilation and Heating Project
7.3.5Lightning Protection Design
7.3.6Dustproof Design
7.3.7Maintenance and Storage Facilities
8Energy Conservation Measures
8.1Energy Conservation Measures
8.1.1Energy Conservation Specifications
8.1.2Design Principles
8.1.3Energy Conservation Plan
8.1.4Solar Power Generation Plan
8.2Energy Consumption Indicators Analysis
8.2.1Energy Using Standard and Energy Consumption Calculation Method
8.2.2Energy Consumption Status and Energy Consumption Index Analysis
9Water-saving Measures
9.1Water-saving Measures
9.2Water Consumption Indicators Analysis
10Environmental Impact Assessment
10.1Site Environmental Conditions
10.2Impact of Project Construction and Production on Environment
10.2.1Impact of Project Construction on Environment
10.2.2Impact of Project Production on Environment
10.3Environmental Protection Measures
10.3.1Design Basis
10.3.2Environmental Measures
10.4Investment in Environmental Protection
10.5Environmental Impact Assessment
11Labor Safety and Health and Fire Fighting
11.1Labor Safety and Occupational Health
11.1.1Design Basis
11.1.2Major Criteria for Design Implementation
11.1.3Design Contents and Principles
11.1.4Occupational Safety
11.1.5Occupational Health
11.1.6Auxiliary Hygiene Room
11.1.7Occupational Safety and Health Organization
11.2Fire Fighting
11.2.1Design Basis
11.2.2General Layout
11.2.3Building Part
11.2.4Electrical Part
11.2.5Water Supply and Drainage
12Organization and Human Resource Allocation
12.1.1Project Legal Person Formation Plan
12.1.2Organization of Management Plan
12.2Human Resource Allocation
12.2.1Production Shift
12.2.2Project Labor Stator
12.2.3Employee Salary and Welfare
12.2.4Employee Source and Recruitment Plan
12.2.5Employee Training
13PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Project Implementation Progress
13.1Construction Period
13.2Project Implementation Schedule Design
13.3Project Implementation Schedule Table
14Bidding Plan
14.1Tender Plan Preparation Basis
14.2Contents of the Tender
15Investment Estimation
15.1Investment Estimation Basis
15.2Construction Investment Estimation
15.2.1Construction Cost
15.2.2Equipment and Tools Acquisition Expenses
15.2.3Installation and Decoration Engineering Expenses
15.2.4Land Acquisition and Collation Expenses
15.2.5Other Expenses for Construction
15.2.6Basic Reserve Expenses
15.2.7Reserve Fee for Price Increases
15.2.8Interest on Construction Period
15.3Working Capital Estimation
15.4Total Project Investment
15.5Investment Plan
15.6Loan Repayment Plan
16Financing Plan
16.1Capital Raising
16.2Debt Financing
16.3Financing Plan Analysis
17Financial Evaluation
17.1Calculation Basis and Relevant Instructions
17.1.1Project Calculation and Reference Basis
17.1.2Basic Setting of Project Measurement
17.2Sales Revenue, Sales Taxes, Additional and VAT Estimates
17.2.1Sales Revenue
17.2.2Sales Taxes and Additional Fees
17.3Total Cost Estimate
17.3.1Direct Costs
17.3.2Salary and Welfare Costs
17.3.3Depreciation and Amortization
17.3.4Repair Costs
17.3.5Financial Expenses
17.3.6Other Expenses
17.3.7Total Costs
17.4Financial Evaluation Report
17.4.1Project Profit and Loss Distribution Table
17.4.2Project Financial Cash Flow Statement
17.5Financial Evaluation Indicators
17.5.1Investment Profit Margin, Investment Interest Rate
17.5.2Financial Internal Rate of Return, Financial Net Present Value, Investment Recovery Period
17.6Uncertainty Analysis
17.6.1Sensitivity Analysis
17.6.2Break-even Analysis
17.7Financial Evaluation Conclusions
18PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Project Economic Benefits and Social Benefits
18.1Economic Benefits
18.2Social Benefits
19Risk Analysis
19.1Project Risk Factors Identification
19.1.1Legal and Policy Risk
19.1.2Market Risk
19.1.3Construction Risk
19.1.4Environmental Risk
19.2Project Risk Prevention and Control Measures
19.2.1Legal and Policy Risk Prevention and Control Measures
19.2.2Market Risk Prevention and Control Measures
19.2.3Construction Risk Prevention and Control Measures
19.2.4Environmental Risk Prevention and Control Measures
20Conclusion and Recommendations

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