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kompensasjon: (100SGD/hour)
type arbeidskontrakt: deltid

[Company Description]

We are STUDYMAX Inc. located in South Korea with a goal of making educational and enjoyable English contents for all ages.
We focus on producing unique contents for people who are having trouble speaking English.
We want to make sure everyone can speak English without getting anxious or frightened.

We are currently looking for a native English speaker staying in Singapore.
We want to take an interview from them and make educational materials for English learners in Korea.
Some general questions about Singapore are going to be asked.
The students in Korea will learn English with the interview video.

When submitting resume, please make sure to include your recent picture and to indicate all your work experiences, current location, email address and contact number. Plus, please send us about a minute sample video(self introduction & talk about Singapore) of your own that we can refer to. (This is necessary.)

When sending your resume via e-mail, please use the title below:
ex) [STDUYMAX]craigslist_SG_David

[Job Description]

•Video shooting for the company's online educational content(interview video).

[Job Requirements]

•Native English speaker

[Location/ Schedule]

•Location: Singapore (Specific location is going to be informed prior to the shooting)
•Shooting date: 2018/04/10 ~ 2018/04/14 (1 day / Schedule is not fixed yet.)
•Shooting time: 2~4 hours
•Payment: 200~400 SGD (100SGD/hour)

Thank you.
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