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kompensasjon: According to your expertise, self-pricing. (依照你的專長自行定價)
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Hi Tutors, would you like to get more students or customers? 我們是1on1全球家教資源平台!

Whether you are an English tutor, math genius, basketball master, boxing trainer, dance teacher, wealth manager, designer or engineer, you can use your skills and expertise to help people who need your skills for earning extra income on platform(

Our platform has partnerships with many tutoring websites around the world, so there are many students(customers) who are looking for teachers(skill providers), so we need to find more teachers to join us and we'll help each parties to match.

Although we are a very new website, but we've already linked more than 2300+ cases in the world. So if you interested in our service, pleases go visit our website to sign up for "becoming a tutor member".


Sincerely invite you to join us and hope you have a good day.
1on1 - Global Tutor Sharing Platform (Online Teaching Available)
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